Franschhoek Mountain Chamber Music Workshop 2024

A guide to being a worthy participant in this community:

Dear parents and students:

What follows is a schedule of rules and regulations put in place for the safety and well-being of all the people involved in the upcoming workshop. Sadly the general environment in South Africa has become a cause for concern across the board in matters of security. In addition to this, we believe that the young people on this course will be best served when all expectations are spelled out clearly and are treated with a sense of honour and pride in being part of this community.

Therefore please be so kind as to carefully read the following:

Rules and Regulations

Dormitory Guidelines


A student may not have visitors during the workshop, at any time of the day or night. An exception to this is made for visits by immediate family, provided that the visit does not interfere with any workshop activity, and provided that the visit is cleared with a staff member so that those in charge know when the student will leave and come back.

A student will be dismissed if found in violation of any of the following rules:

A student will be liable for dismissal if caught in the act of any of the following: